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José Cardoso



The company J. Cardoso, Lda, was declared official on the 4th of April 1979, having as an objective the Civil Construction Industry.

Three years after that,and without managing to start what it has been developed for,the company decided to change it´s activity by starting to explore the tourism Industry. Also changed the social objective to the exploration of the Hotel industry.

In November 1983, Cardoso Madeira Hotels group opened his first hotel,which was called Hotel Alto Lido,which included 118 rooms. Some years afterwards, more specifically in 1987, Cardoso Madeira Hotels Group started the construction of a new Hotel, Which was called Hotel Baía Azul, with 215 rooms. Baía Azul firstly opened it´s doors to the public in 1989.

A few years later, it was designed and executed the ampliation of hotel Alto Lido,with 193 rooms and suites, transforming the referred hotel in a 311 room hotel. After this ampliation, the hotel opened to the public in November 1998.

Not many years afterwards, the group acquired a land in Caniço area with the objective of building and exploring a five star hotel, called Hotel Reis Magos,with 195 rooms and Suites, having this project been approved and made the statement prior to use it in tourism.

In March 2004, the group acquired the company Ponte & Silva Lda., owner of Ajuda Madeira Hotel, with 91 rooms, located not very far from the other hotels from the group, which allows a use of synergies for all hotels.

On 27th July 2009 was released the mark of the group called "Cardoso Madeira Hotels".

In August 2009 the company changed its name to J. Cardoso, S.A.


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