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The archipelago of Madeira, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, about 900km from mainland Portugal, is composed of Madeira Island, Porto Santo, “Desertas” and “Selvagens” Islands.


Funchal is the capital of Madeira Island. Its temperate climate, the pleasant sea water and luxury vegetation are natural features that were the origin of the name became known worldwide as "Pearl of the Atlantic, making the island a destination of choice throughout the year.


The Forest “Laurissilva”, classified by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage, offers stunning scenery, can be touring the famous “Levadas” old paths of water to facilitate the irrigation of such rugged terrain, and which today are the best way to know your natural heritage which covers a big part of the territory of the island.


In our days, Madeira is modernized, with good access and services of high quality.

In its 728km2, surrounded by mountains, sea, mild climate, fertile soils and where customs and traditions alive and rooted, as for example the world famous "New Years Eve" Madeira folklore, the Flower Festival, the Festival of the Atlantic and the many others popular festivals taking place throughout the year and a bit throughout the island.




Passeio Pico Ruivo - Pico do Arieiro



Lagoa Poiso - Santo da Serra

Passagem P. Ruivo-P. Arieiro
Passeio Poiso-R. Frio
Passeio Poiso-R. Frio
Passeio Caldeirão Verde-Caldeirão do Inferno

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