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Quality Certificate



The Group Cardoso Madeira Hotels was the first hotel group in the Madeira island to be certified by the management system ISO 9002:1995 - Certified Quality (March 2001);


In August 2003, has renewed the certification and early transition to ISO 9001:2000;


In December 2006 and March 2009 were audits of renewal;


In November 2009, made the transition to the new reference standard ISO9001: 2008.

The strategy of the Group J. Cardoso S.A:




The mission of J. Cardoso, SA company, is, ensuring the customer satisfaction through the implementation of the strategy defined by the firm's partners.




The values of J. Cardoso, S.A. company are:


• Principle of Quality;
• Principle of Food Security;
• Principle of Social Responsibility;
• Principle of Environmental Responsibility;
• Principle of Economic Sustainability;
• Principle of Competence and Credibility;
• Principle of Legality;
• Principle of Integrity.



The J. Cardoso S.A. company want to be:


Being recognized as a benchmark company in the market through excellence in service quality, infrastructure and human resources.



Focus on quality by adopting best practices consistent with all applicable requirements, including laws and regulations;


Ensuring adequate levels of efficiency and productivity, using the upgrading of services and implementation of innovative instruments;


Increase the cooperation between our company and economic agents;


Meet the customers’ requirements in order to provide the satisfaction and loyalty;


Encourage the involvement and participation of all employees in training, motivating and encouraging their recovery;

Interact with the market in a dynamic and proactive way, in order to promote the relationship with partners / suppliers;


Ensuring and improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.



a) Provide a quality customer service, having a purpose:


• Improving the qualification of employees;
• Promote the teamwork;
• Develop customer satisfaction surveys;
• Ensure the resources necessary for the proper functioning of the company;
• Increase the degree of overall satisfaction of service.

b) Develop Benchmarking actions, with the purpose:


• Train employees for the use of benchmarking techniques;
• Encouraging the exchange of experiences with other companies;
• Ensure access to advisory services;
• Increase the Quality service.

c) Encourage cooperation with other entities (Public / Financial), with the purpose:


• Obtain specialized and technical assistance (Public / Financial);
• Get funding support through the Regional / National / European Community (public entities);
• Get financial resources (Financial Institutions).

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